Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

Killgore Trout2/04/2009 10:33:02 am PST

Koskidz on Obama’s post racial America….
Obama people you n*****ized now deal with it!

To Obama crew from a straight talking black sister:

Obama people get it right you working for a black Prez now!

Cheesh! I could have told them!

What were they thinking!

Don’t they understand that if you are working for a black man you have to always have your shit all lined up?…

I know you traumatized from getting n*****ized but you choose this so buck up and deal.

Maybe Obama got a little lax because he was in the White Museum up there.


He has to realize and communicate it to his team that they are all now officially n*****ized.

In fact they had the mark of the N on them from the time they joined Obama’s team. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

For all those who might not understand what being n*****ized means let me break it down. It means you hang with the black man the black will rub off and you will be treated like the black man.

Meaning everything got to be tight no matter how hard.

These folk around Obama gots to get back in the game.

You cannot expect to get any breaks. You have to go in to any endeavour understanding the dynamics of n*****ization.

Your shitz gots to be clean! period.

Now get out there and kick some ass and show them how n*****ized people play.

Nice grammar.