It Begins: The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump [LIVE VIDEO]

KGxvi1/16/2020 3:40:45 pm PST

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That’s my thought too. They claim it will favor the bigger states but right now it means you can as Trump did lose the popular vote by close to three million votes- bigger than a third of our states and still win. The EC wasn’t drawn up with the idea we would have 50 states and 300 million plus people living here.

There’s an argument that the electoral college is a major contributor to low turnout. If you’re a Republican in California, your vote is essentially meaningless. Similarly, if you’re a Democrat in Wyoming, your vote is equally meaningless.

Because it’s winner take all for electoral votes, there’s no point in putting any effort into GOTV efforts if you’re going to lose by 15 or 20 points in a state. But if it’s a national popular vote, a Republican doesn’t necessarily need to close the 20 point gap in California to win; they just have to make it closer. Same goes for a Democrat in Texas or other smaller states.

Beyond that, the EC was conceived within a framework where the States were seen as “sovereign” if not on par with the federal government, then close to it. It’s also why the Senate wasn’t directly elected either. The idea was that the States as States separate from “the people” were parties to the constitution as a contract. Think of it like the legal personhood we give businesses.

However, over the last 230 years or so, the idea of state sovereignty has eroded. Both from a cultural viewpoint and from a legal viewpoint.