Britain Expels 'Mossad Official'

Petero18183/24/2010 11:51:45 am PDT

re: #31 Guanxi88

So dangerous, so full of hateful potential, that the mere presence of the lady is enough to drive Canadians - a normally peaceful, tolerant bunch, who temper free speech with full respect for others - to acts of violence.

Unfortunately that is not the case here. The truth is that a similar thing happened at Concordia University in Montreal when Netanyahu’s visit years ago had to be cancelled. Unfortunately the Muslim and Arab groups on campus (and their misguided leftist allies) at many Canadian Universities have been emboldened in recent years by Universities that are totally unwilling and unprepared to take action in the face of increasingly aggressive, hostile and violent forms of protest and intimidation. I think Coulter is an absolute disgrace, but the tactics that are all to common lately at Canadian Universities make me sick.