Pat Buchanan Promotes 9/11 'Truth'

Charles Johnson9/15/2009 3:51:36 pm PDT

This is one of ‘ErifOF’s more recent comments:

All of Europe is fast asleep. In this particular war, the true threat comes from WITHIN. Our enemy doesn’t have strong armies or navies. They weaken us because we allow them to. Our own struggle with the recent attempted amnesty has clarified things for me as never before. The central issue is immigration. It is immigration policy that threatens us. It is immigration policy that has allowed the cancer in and given it opportunity to grow. It is through immigration policy that the West is committing suicide.

There are choices to be made here and make no mistake that the Western tradition itself hangs in the balance. Those choices aren’t pleasant. You can’t save the West by refusing to take necessary action because innocents may be effected. This is a very modern idea, that so long as some innocent suffers, no course of action is justified. War is a blunt instrument. You can not fight wars without involving the innocent, no matter how hard you try. I’m afraid we are slowly approaching a point whereby we will have one decision only: allow the West to be destroyed, or massively expel all of Islam from Western lands. Yes, I’m talking about mass expulsion all across Western lands. Millions of people, many of them good people, must leave. All attempts at containment that differentiates between “good” Muslims and bad ones are destined to fail to produce an acceptable peace between the violent, aggressive strain of Islam and the nations they so covet. There is ONLY one way to end the cycle and that is to rid ourselves of ALL of them. Ban Islam and refuse entry to any with any connection to this vile sect. De-naturalize those already here and expel them forcibly. It’s either that or watch the West die from within. This seems downright medieval to our modern “sophisticated” way of thought but when survival itself is at stake, the world invariably becomes a very medieval place.

Yes, he’s calling for mass murder.

In case you’re wondering why he’s now banned.