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A hollow voice says NOW drain that swamp!12/03/2016 9:17:46 am PST

re: #205 HappyWarrior

Thanks. Great way of looking at it. In a sense by acknowledging the PRC, we are in fact keeping Taiwan more safe than we did with the previous policy. It does help that old hardliners like Mao on the PRC side and Chiang on the ROC side have long since passed on. As I said, I think the PRC really wants to be seen as the legitimate government of China and that’s what they want most from our government and as much as I don’t like the PRC, it’s smart international relations to do that. Just as it’s smart to be wary of Putin given his contempt for NATO and his neighbors borders.

Not to mention that the two cases aren’t remotely parallel. Russia recently grabbed the Crimea by force, and is threatening Ukraine — the PRC isn’t about to take over Taiwan (at least as long as certain persons can hold off on their bull-in-a-china-shop diplomacy). Chinese hacking and theft of intellectual property are serious problems, but there’s no evidence at this time that they’ve been meddling with our elections or favoring particular candidates.