Seth Meyers: Trump Fights With China, as Rudy Seeks Ukraine's Help in 2020 [VIDEO]

Momkat565/14/2019 7:06:43 am PDT

re: #191 Backwoods_Sleuth

The notion that women are so capricious and cavalier about pregnancy termination that they will suddenly decide, after they have initiated the process, that “oops, I really didn’t mean to do that” and will seek to undo it is mind-bogglingly idiotic and unrealistic. No woman should be subjected to this kind of delusional and abusive misinformation. If she is considering termination, she is already in a state of emotional turmoil and this is just punishment. I spent 30 years in women’s healthcare (most as an L&D nurse) and am enraged every time I read about some religious fanatic who tries to perpetrate such deceptive and destructive con games on women at their most vulnerable times.