Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

Zimriel4/22/2009 9:23:10 am PDT

re: #188 capitalist piglet

That’s a good point, but here’s an honest question: How do you “fact check”, when “facts” are morphing by the minute? I’m not talking about blog chatter - I’m talking about the media we’re all supposed to trust to bring us an accurate story? And how do you “fact check” a dishonest media?

I don’t intend this as a challenge to you personally. I just really want to know how we find out the truth in these situations.

1. 24 hour rule.
2. Stay off the booze during that period. Make sure you’re not tired. Get some coffee (not too much).
3. Start with the original research through to most likely primary source. Any red flags, keep at it.
4. If debunked, publish your findings.
5. Open up that booze you’d been saving. You’ve earned it!

If it happens to look true, then post that instead and see if any other posters contradict it…