Meet the Leaders of the Anti-Mosque Movement

Mad Prophet Ludwig8/10/2010 3:44:11 pm PDT

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Really..They still hating on me? I haven’t gone there in months and probably never will again…Sorry Stalkers..I could care less about you chumps.. Get an effen life and stick to your own blog..I could care less you idiots..

They don’t matter. In the context of this thread, people like Gellar and Yerushalami matter. Over there in the likeness of those two they have the mamzer Buzzsawmonkey and a corva named Guggi.

I am about to unload some angry painful vitriol here mixed with something from the heart. I apologize in advance to those who don’t like my more emotional posts.

But after seeing this, I need to say something.

Judaism we are taught was founded by our ancestor Abraham. The tradition holds that his greatest attribute was kindness. He cared so much for others, that he left a conversation with G-d to take care of guests we are taught. We are taught that his tent had four doors on it so he could receive the hungry or the lonely or those seeking aid or just company from all directions.

We are taught that Moses was tested as the leader because he was the sort who would go to any length to bring back a lost sheep. And indeed, that is when he came upon the burning bush.

It doesn’t mater if you believe those stories.

What matters is the lessons we are taught to take from it. Kindness to all. Desire for justice for all, hope for a better world for all.

We are taught that ritual means nothing in the absences of charity and humility. This is the ringing message of the prophets. We are taught that the great sin which cost us our Temple and two thousand painful years of exile was baseless hatred.

For two thousand years, the tradition has been about justice and hope for a better future built by the moral and upright actions of men doing what they should be doing even when it is hard, or doesn’t pay well in this world. Charity is not an option. Care for the environment is not an option. Care for the poor or the defenseless is not an option. We will not even slaughter a chicken in the presence of other chickens lest we cause more suffering. The message there is not to care for the emotions of chickens. It is if you care that much for a chicken, then how much for a human?

And then I see scum, just utter scum like the ones listed before and my heart breaks. My heart breaks that some who know nothing of us, will see them and think that they speak for us.

My heart breaks that they have fallen so far.

We Jews are one family. Somehow, we as a community failed them.

But, they are rashas. there is no way around the reality of a rasha.

A tsaddick is a holy person. A tsaddick enlightens those around him, fills them with noble ideals and encourages them to strive to be better. A tsaddika is a woman with those traits.

A rasha is the opposite. Not just a wrong doer, but one who preaches darkness and hatred. One who leads others down evil paths.

It is Elul. Alouette will understand why I was actually crying while typing this.