The time is right.

majii10/03/2013 7:01:14 pm PDT

francis, you continue to show significant gaps in your knowledge about the Affordable Care Act. The law was designed so that all states would have to expand Medicaid to eligible citizens. It is because of the GOP and their allies that it doesn’t, and it is the reasons why millions of Americans will remain uninsured. When the Supreme Ct decided the case against the ACA, it struck down the mandate requiring all states to expand Medicaid to their eligible citizens. This was not an oversight by President Obama. Therefore, it is not President Obama’s fault that millions will remain uninsured. The original law provided healthcare for the poor who are uninsured.

I take offense with your claim that President Obama hasn’t read the law. How in the hell do you know this? The ACA is President Obama’s idea and creation, and only a far right individual would even think he doesn’t know what is in the law when he helped to create it.

I get it. You don’t like President Obama, and nothing he does will ever meet your approval. Everyday you present us with a “letter” that is filled with the voices you hear in your head, and not based on facts. Your “letters” will never receive full approval at LGFs until they are backed up with facts and reality. I recommend you seek out a far right site where every word you print will be accepted without criticism because it will never happen here at LGFs. You’re wasting your time.