Self-Defense Statistics-When Stats Are Colored With Attitude

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)6/03/2014 7:08:44 am PDT

re: #20 Rightwingconspirator

Right you declared “not at risk”.

Yes. When you say someone is ‘at risk’, that means that they have a higher than normal chance of it happening to them. When someone is ‘not at risk’, they have a low risk of it happening to them.

in the US, people are at a ‘high risk’ of being attacked when they live in horrible neighborhoods with a ton of crime, when they have a high-risk job like diamond courier or bail bondsman. They are ‘not at risk’ when they live a normal job and live in a sleepy suburb in the Bay Area.

If you want to declare some semantic victory because I used a colloquialism, have a it.

And I’m sorry, i don’t understand the point of the random anecdote. I thought the purpose of this page was talking about statistics. I could put up a citation of someone accidentally shooting their spouse with a gun: would that prove anything?