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Jay C2/20/2021 7:29:15 pm PST

re: #16 danarchy

Few years back some of the local high school kids played mailbox baseball all up and down our street. Next morning nearly every mailbox in the neighborhood was down. Luckily my mailbox is made of quarter inch rolled steel and didn’t have much more than some paint scratches on it so it was just a matter of remounting it, didn’t need to get a new one.

Dunno if it was here on on another blog, but I recall reading (this morning, I think): the account of someone who dealt with the mailbox-vandalism issue by setting a 10’ section of steel steam pipe deep in concrete for the post, then welding a 1/4-in thick cylinder of steel to the top of it. The mailbox went into the cylinder, and reportedly, had survived numerous “incidents”…..