Trutherfest Coming to New York on 9/11

Mad Prophet Ludwig9/08/2010 1:20:54 pm PDT

First of all, and most importantly:

May all lizards have a wonderful, healthy and blessed new year.

I wish us all the deepest blessings. I hope that you not only get what you need, but have the wisdom to see it as such. I hope that you have happiness in home and family and personal growth. I hope that you all have financial success, the chance to do good deeds, and the strength to seize the opportunity to do so when you see it.

May this year be counted as a blessing for all good people everywhere and may a spirit of kindness, compassion, reason and courage come to us all.

It has been said that fortune favors the bold.

I say that God is always willing to help. We just have to step up.