Live Video: President Obama Speaks in Bristow, VA

Dark_Falcon11/03/2012 11:05:11 pm PDT

re: #203 darthstar

I’ll give you a hundred bucks to say that in a bar in Miami.

I’d not take that bet. But I’m not really trying to get into the cultural differences, which I’ll admit exist. But what Sen. Rubio did in 2010 was to emphasize the cultural commonalities between Cubans and Puerto Ricans (and Dominicans as well) in order to gain support, and that tactic was fairly successful.

Moreover, the fact remains that most Cubans would regard ‘dog whistle’ insults of Puerto Ricans as insults to themselves, and would do so with good reason. Thus such attacks would only serve to create conflict between the party base of two fairly important GOP senators.

The Republican Party would do better to be accepting of Puerto Ricans and work to build bridges.