Wednesday Night Music: Pat Metheny Group, 'Have You Heard'

Jadespring2/17/2010 9:51:34 pm PST

I just looked it up and I think my question is answered. It was likely beer and wine induced. That makes sense. Also explains the whole head first skeleton thing. :D

Luge, like the skeleton and the bobsled, originated in the health-spa town of St Moritz, Switzerland, in the mid-to-late nineteenth century, through the endeavours of hotel entrepreneur Caspar Badrutt. Badrutt successfully sold the idea of winter resorting, as well as rooms with food, drink, and activities. His more adventurous English guests began adapting delivery boys’ sleds for recreation, which led to collisions with pedestrians as they sped down the lanes and alleys of the village. This had two outcomes: in the short term the guests began to devise methods of steering the sleds, and so invented the skeleton (head first, prone), the luge (feet first, supine), and the two- and four-man bobsleighs. In the long term, in the interests of pedestrian safety, he built a thin special track for his guests’ activities — the world’s first “half-pipe”, in about 1870.