A Duo From Outer Space: DOMi & JD Beck, "Bathroom"

Joe Bacon 🌹2/13/2020 7:10:23 am PST

re: #210 PrairieQueen

It’s the go-to juice for Fundies everywhere, and has been for a loooong time. They’re as passionate about their bullshit bug juice as they are about Jesus. No amount of evidence to the contrary will inform them the shit is toxic and its claims are horseshit. They get outright feisty, for real. They’ll go down swinging saying it’s all just scary liberal science and a hoax to prevent people from knowing about a “real” cure, then give made-up bullshit examples about how it cured so-and-so’s cancer or bad juju or leaky ladyparts or ear infection (with prayer, of course).

Just like these idiots were about Laetrile and Apricot Pits as a quack cancer cure in the 70s!

Two incidents involving relatives.

1) Aunt had uncontrolled manic-depressive cycles. Drs. prescribed medicine which she would flush down the john. She would go to her Foursquare church every day for “healing” services and would swear Jesus healed her. Minute she came home here come the manic-depression cycles again. And my Grandmother would tell me, “That’s our family secret…”

2) Sister had diabetes. Also opposed the ACA. Wouldn’t go to Drs. Instead she got obsessed with “natural cures”. Kept winding up un the ER. Kidney failure, Heart failure. Went to church to get “healed” and wound up in the ER time after time. No insurance, her church did bake sales which didn’t net doodle-squat. Finally got on Medicare that she said was “ungodly” got the Hospice benefit while her husband endlessly BS’d about how he hated that N-Word Obama.