Haifa Court Rules Against Rachel Corrie

Destro8/30/2012 11:32:11 am PDT

re: #211 Buck

First, Iraq had WMDs.
No WMDs, so then Iraq had WMD programs.
No WMD programs, so then Iraq had WMD material.
No WMD material, so then Iraq had WMD-related program activities (whatever that means).

First, Iran had nukes.
No nukes, so then Iran had a nuclear bomb program.
No nuke program, so then Iran was close to developing material for nukes.
Now, Iran [is] systematically approaching the point at which it would be able to decide on whether to build a bomb, but had not yet made that decision. (Whatever that means. i guess it means “Iran does not have nukes BUT they might possibly, sometime in the future, reach a point where they’ll be able decide whether or not to build one.”)

See a pattern?