Trump Team Prepares to Purge Government Employees Who Believe in Climate Change

William Lewis12/09/2016 2:36:49 pm PST

re: #164 Romantic Heretic

Canada only has Leopard Is I’m afraid. Ours is meant to be a ‘peacekeeping force’ rather than a ‘war fighting force’.

Such an attack would be from Central America anyway since if it gets that bad I’m Canada and Mexico will be conquered by then.

Taking Wiki for what it’s worth…

Canada: The Canadian Army acquired 80 Leopard 2A4 and 20 Leopard 2A6 tanks from the Netherlands in 2007. Twenty Leopard 2A6M were borrowed from the German Army beginning in mid-2007 to support the Canadian deployment in Afghanistan,[113] with the first tank handed over after upgrading by KMW on August 2, 2007,[115][133] and arriving in Afghanistan on August 16, 2007.[117] Two Bergepanzer 3 Büffel were purchased from the German Army for use with the Canadian deployment in Afghanistan.[134] An additional fifteen Leopard 2A4 tanks were purchased from the German Army as Logistic Supply Vehicles (for spare parts).[135] A further 12 surplus Pz 87 were purchased from Switzerland in 2011 for conversion to armoured recovery vehicles.[136] A final total of 112 tanks of all variants is to be fielded by the Canadian Army: 82 gun tanks (42 2A4+, 20 2A4M CAN and 20 2A6M CAN - all delivered as of March 2016), 12 ARVs (11 of 12 delivered as of March 2016) and 18 AEVs (conversion of which is ongoing)

But more seriously, the bigger problem would be which side the A-10 pilots came down on because maybe, and only maybe, the only tank that can stand up to them is the T-14 Armata prototype.