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HappyWarrior9/11/2018 7:02:42 pm PDT

re: #209 ipsos

Latest crap postings from my RW FB friends, all in unison: “millennials aren’t properly honoring/remembering 9/11!” “they didn’t say anything at my kid’s school today about it!”

It’s HISTORY for them. It’s SUPPOSED to become history for them.

On the 17th anniversary of the JFK assassination, I was in third grade. They didn’t interrupt the day for us to solemnly remember JFK. There wasn’t anything for us to remember yet.

Did I learn about JFK later on in history class? Of course. Have I been to the Sixth Floor Museum and stood on the grassy knoll and visited the museum at Columbia Point and stood at his grave at Arlington?

Yes to all of those things. But it will never be the visceral shock to the system for me that it is to my parents and was to my grandparents. That’s how history works.

In a couple of days, it will be the 117th anniversary of William McKinley’s assassination. That was a huge shock to the system for my great-great-grandparents, no doubt, especially because they lived in Buffalo. The day will pass all but unnoticed this year, because now it’s receded into history for all of us. That’s how history works.

Was Pearl Harbor commemorated on 12/7/58? I’m sorry. I really am but this mentality sucks. We should never forget what happened that day but we do need to move on in a way too. Eventually, I’d like us to see 9/11 as just another day.