Another Investigation Exonerates the 'Climategate' Scientists

Mad Prophet Ludwig7/07/2010 3:17:56 pm PDT

re: #202 wrenchwench

That’s a legal statement the same way a hot day is climate change.

“Murder” has a precise legal definition.

Murder is unlawful killing. Murder one is premeditated killing. Those who are working against change are most certainly doing so premeditatedly, it will certainly as a direct result kill innocent people - and it already has.

Please explain how that is not murder?

If you wish to say it was not done with personal malice, very well. However, when a terrorist drops a bomb into a crowd he is not targeting people personally.

IF you wish to say that the people and leaders blocking action are not knowingly hoping to cause the deaths they are working towards, then at best it is murder through malfeasance at worst and manslaughter aggravated by gross negligence at best.