Letter to a Future Republican Strategist Regarding White People

Shiplord Kirel: Fan of USPS, Goodyear, and Oreo11/12/2012 9:23:05 am PST

The acceptance of homosexuality in the military is literally the end of the world for many on the right, since it undermines the whole power and control structure of their culture, especially the ability to control and manipulate the young. When I was a teenager in rural California, you were suspected of that ultimate crime, being a fag, if you:

-Refused to sacrifice your body and your spare time for the benefit of the local high school football team.
-Thought science and art might be a better bet than manual labor for improving your family’s financial status.
-Tended to speak out against brutish coaches and abusive bosses.
-Thought a VW bug was a more rational choice than a muscle car or a pickup.
-Refused to adopt the approved standards of grooming and dress.
-Questioned the historical authenticity of certain religious claims.

There are many more. Homophobia is so important because it is a primary weapon against non-conformity.