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thecommodore5/13/2019 9:17:40 am PDT

re: #196 Eclectic Cyborg

Let’s say next June rolls around and the court overturns Roe. That would be about five months before the election.

Would that help Trump or hurt him?

My guess is that it would hurt him. Polling on abortion, in general, has been mostly pro-choice. Prohibiting “late trimester abortions” is one thing, but making the procedure illegal at any time for any reason would be a bridge too far, I think. Pro-birthers (which is what pro-lifers really are) would spooge for days, but they’re a minority.

On the other hand, Trump has defied the odds in so many ways, it might just help him. I mean, the Access Hollywood tape would have made it impossible for any other politician to be elected dog catcher, but Trump somehow overcame it.