WATCH LIVE: The Trump Impeachment Hearings - Day 5 -- Hill, Holmes to Testify

lawhawk11/21/2019 8:37:41 am PST

re: #207 The Pie Overlord!

If you had Bibi in the corruption pool getting indicted first, step right up.

He beat out Trump in that respect.

Bibi always had the inside track to that win.

The real question is what this does to the election situation since we’re now in the free-for-all portion of the failure to form a coalition govt under the existing law.

If no one in the Knesset can form a coalition govt within the next month, it’ll mean Rivlin will have to call for new elections that aren’t any more likely to result in a new election. At least, that’s what you’d think before Bibi’s indictment.

Now that he’s indicted, does the #2 in Likud make his own move to distinguish himself and seek to form a coalition govt that Ganz is willing to go with.

So much of Israeli politics revolves around personalities, so that even though voters vote on slates to fill knesset seats, the parties are really a reflection of the party leader(s). With Bibi sidelined, it opens up opportunities for a new direction for Likud.