WATCH LIVE: House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Hearing, Thread 2

plansbandc12/04/2019 6:09:21 pm PST

Off topic:

Today I learned something vile. Was listening to one of my fave podcasts, “This Podcast Will Kill You” and the topic was lead poisoning. (Podcast is usually about infectious diseases but they’re branching out a bit it seems.)

Highly educational and always interesting for those who aren’t faint of heart.

Anywho, lead poisoning. Seems that some kids and moms in Baltimore were used as guinea pigs. Single mothers and their kids were purposely exposed to lead. No, not informed. Can you guess the ethnicity of these people? I bet you can. Poverty stricken, of course.

So you might be thinking, well, horrible, but stuff like this happened a long time ago and it was awful and ignorant and criminal. Guess what? The “study” started in 1991! JFC

So now I’m going to read “Lead Wars” one of the sources for the pod.

We really do suck as a country sometimes.