Video: FAIR President Addresses Racism Accusations

SanFranciscoZionist4/29/2010 10:12:07 pm PDT

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How much of what the the majority of the citizens of Arizona think they know is actually true.

Are illegals committing more violent crimes the American citizens?
What are the crime rates in Arizona compared to other parts of the country.

For that matter are illegals more violent then American citizens?

(and of course when someone is found out to be an illegal alien the laws already on the books should be followed.)

A reprint, from me:

Before we get too carried away with the Wild Wild West thing here, some notes from the 2007 census numbers:

Arizona has a lower murder rate than seven other states, including such places as South Carolina and Maryland. They run even with Georgia, Mississippi and Nevada.

Thirteen states are ahead of them for robbery, including Ohio.

Eighteen states beat them out for aggravated assault.

Before anyone starts keening this is not advocacy for an open border—just a reminder that this image of a helpless war-torn state overrun by the narcotrafficantes may be slightly premature.

BTW, Alaska leads the nation in forcible rape, by such a far margin that it ain’t even funny.