Jason Isbell, Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge: "If We Were Vampires" [VIDEO]

lawhawk1/31/2019 6:20:13 am PST

re: #212 HappyWarrior

Because people did something insanely stupid before doesn’t mean it was good, let alone right.

We used to have people working in deathtrap buildings with locked doors and no fire protection. Hey, it meant the owners could maximize their profits, and who cared if there were deadly fires occasionally. They could always find more little kids to work the line.

We used to have kids working in clothing mills, because they could fit their tiny hands in the looms and get the bobbins in and out. Who cared if they lost limbs when they weren’t fast enough. They weren’t fast enough. That’s on them. But losing fingers meant that they learned valuable life lessons and toughened them up.