ABC Has a Recording of Donald Trump Yelling 'Take Her Out' About Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

sagehen1/24/2020 1:43:35 pm PST

re: #212 Citizen K

Lets be absolutely fair.

Any M4A that’s acceptable to Roganites would likely also severely limit the availability of women’s health services, especially where it comes down to maternity-related services, much less anything abortion-related.

we really do need to stress that health care generally is, well yes an everyone thing, but especially a women’s issue.

Males, if they’re generally healthy and live ordinary lives, can easily go from adolescence to late middle age without ever needing a doctor even once. Females, it ain’t like that. We all of us need a doctor every single year. If you want kids or if you don’t, if you’re sexually active or if you’re not, we all have need of medical services. Every year. Every single one of us. Even nuns.