Pro Koln Organizer's Nazi Merchandise

vitoc4/25/2009 5:33:20 pm PDT

In case someone wants to write a dossier on Rouhs… Here’s yet another bit of dirt on him - as if any further was needed. But in case of any doubt, you want your dossier to be good and as damning as humanly possible.

So here we go. As was already discussed here, Rouhs was quite involved with the nazi rock business. One shorter avenue he went in 1993 was to found a youth magazine focusing on this kind of shit, together with a guy called Torsten Lemmer, who had just before that been involved with a magazine of the FAP =>

It did not last long, Rouhs left the project after only a month (I suspect because Lemmer is an utter dickhead, not only because of his political opinions, but also just in general) but the attempt is what counts here. Rouhs was without any reasonable doubt aware of the nature of the FAP. More on Torsten Lemmer here, note especially the part about him as a music producer, we learn about how he threatened democratically elected politicians and as a result got a ban to enter the Dsseldorf city hall: