Iran Cancels Gaza Flotilla, US State Dept. Denounces Blockade Runners

justaminute6/24/2010 5:00:06 pm PDT

re: #214 charles_martel

I quite understand that the Iranian people are good people, but they are not in control of their government, as you yourself said. In the end, the leadership of Iran may start a nuclear war, and the world must deal with that.

There is no reliable reporting what the average Iranian want. I can just report gossip. Why do you think the government has a death wish? If they have a death wish why are they (gov and Revolutionary Guards loading themselves up with wealth? Talk is if Israel or the US bombs there is already safe house and place for them. Not the people. Dead poor Iranians are going to be the pics out of bombing there. Is the world ready for that or the American public. Because that is all your going to probably get.