Romney: Obama Has Let Down These Servants Who Bring Us Our Finger Food

lawhawk7/17/2012 8:43:00 am PDT

Sheldon Adelson gives $13 million to Birthright, enabling another 5,000 to attend the program in Israel in upcoming year.

If Adelson’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s put up more than $100 million to defeat Obama (after giving $20 million to Newt’s failed campaign).

Adelson has opposed the 2-state solution and peace process, so that factors into things some. But considering that the Palestinians themselves are incapable of articulating any kind of proposed peace deal with Israel - mostly because Hamas refuses to recognize Israel’s existence, let alone existing in the 1948 Green Line or any kind of negotiated borders, Adelson’s concerns are overblown.

There’s no peace process without partners in peace, and Israel continues to lack the very partner. Abbas is more than willing to limp along in his quasi state; Hamas is more than willing to continue its operations in Gaza as a quasi state. Neither is fully willing or capable of dealing with the other, and neither is going to make peace with Israel and relent on key issues like right of return or the status of Jerusalem.

There’s quite a bit of rhetoric about the US diplomatic position on Israel and the peace process but considering that there’s nothing to indicate any breakthroughs or even resumption of low level talks, it’s all posturing and trying to sway some subset of American Jews who think that the US is (or has been) selling out Israel.