And Now, the Stunningly Corrupt Anti-Environment Head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, "Resigns"

Blind Frog Belly White7/05/2018 1:04:56 pm PDT

I’ve concluded that Trump thinks he can drag the US back to the early 1950s - races knowing their place, women knowing their place, heavy smokestack industries booming, etc. He wants to undo the global supply chains, international cooperation, etc.

He thinks if he drags US back there, the rest of the world has to follow. This is the basis of him offering Macron a sweetheart deal if France leaves the EU. But, you know, we’re not Frances biggest trading partner. That’s Germany. Put together all the EU countries, and the total dwarf trade with the US. Why would France fuck up relations with its biggest trading partners for the sake of #3 or 4?