A Gorgeous Performance of Chet Atkins' Classic "Smokey Mountain Lullaby" by Tommy Emmanuel [VIDEO]

Dr Lizardo6/22/2019 12:51:39 am PDT

Meanwhile, in Oregon:

Right-wing militia groups across the Pacific Northwest are mobilizing to prevent Oregon state police from arresting Republican state senators who went into hiding on Thursday in order to prevent climate change legislation from passing.

All 11 of Oregon’s Republican state senators are currently on the lam, with some leaving for Idaho in an effort to deny the Democrat-controlled state senate a quorum to pass a cap-and-trade bill. In response, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D), citing a provision in the state constitution that allows the state to “compel” absent lawmakers to attend legislative sessions, dispatched state troopers to bring them back.

Maybe it’s time to call up the Oregon National Guard; unfortunately, the DOJ can not be relied upon. This is moving into outright domestic terrorism - and it needs to be suppressed, nipped in the bud.