Sheer Beauty: Tommy Emmanuel, "Morning Aire"

Targetpractice10/19/2019 11:44:03 pm PDT

After days of insisting Doral was the best and cheapest place to hold the G7 Summit, Donny comes out today and whines that he’s gonna have to order a search for a new place. So not only do we have an admission that there was never a vetting process in the first place (else they could just go to option B, C, D, etc), but all those suckers in the Repub ranks who crawled out from under his bootheel to sing the praises of his roach motel of a golf course now realize just how cheap the going rate was for their souls.

The truly sad part? Wherever he sends it next will still be declared the “best” site” and no matter how fucked things get, he’ll still be praised for how he “handled it.”