O'Keefe Video Smears Teacher Who Jumped In Front Of Van To Save Students

iceweasel11/15/2010 11:19:47 am PST

There’s also this little disgusting detail from the article:

The O’Keefe operative “hit on” Ploshnick at a local bar, buying her drinks and engaging in casual conversation. At one point, the conversation turned to Ploshnick’s job, which is when she relayed the anecdote about a fellow teacher using the n-word. At no point did she know the conversation was being recorded, so she did not see the need to truncate the use of the n-word in her anecdote. Yet the secret recording without Ploshnick’s consent is not presented as such — it appears that the teacher is using the crude language in a public way, well aware that it will be broadcast to thousands of people and will likely reach the ears of her students and their parents.

Didn’t O’Keefe have some similarly slimy idea about getting a female (MSNBC? CNN?) reporter on his boat and filming himself hitting on her?

It’s nice to know that our racist friend O’Keefe always has his sexism and misogyny to fall back on.