Seth Meyers: Trump Fights With China, as Rudy Seeks Ukraine's Help in 2020 [VIDEO]

Eclectic Cyborg5/14/2019 7:51:08 am PDT

Man, fuuuuuck Trump:

The bitter battle over the death penalty continued Monday at the U.S. Supreme Court with the highly unusual release of explanatory statements from the court’s conservatives as to why they reached such apparently contradictory decisions in two death cases in February and March.

On Feb. 7, the court ruled by a 5-4 vote that Alabama could go ahead with its execution of a Muslim prisoner convicted of murder. The newly energized five-man conservative majority overruled the temporary stay put in place by the lower court because Alabama allowed only a Christian minister in the execution room and refused to allow the condemned man’s imam to be present.

The decision was widely condemned by religious groups on the left and right, not to mention the blistering dissent from the court’s liberals, who called the decision “profoundly wrong.”

Then, just seven weeks later, the court stayed the execution of a Buddhist Texas death row inmate, who similarly claimed that he was denied the right to have his spiritual adviser in the death chamber. This time only two justices — Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch — noted their dissents.

The two apparently conflicting decisions were so puzzling that they left even the lawyers involved in the cases scratching their heads.

They’re not conflicting at all when you understand that conservatives think Muslims are the scum of the earth. Fuck this shit, man.