CA Governor Gavin Newsom on Suing President Trump [VIDEO]

PrairieQueen2/11/2020 2:30:52 pm PST

I’m afraid Newsom’s arguments, though legitimate, will be stonewalled with everything else. Any inertia stops cold when important decisions are made illegally by a justice and governmental system that has become full blown fascist and all the wagons are circled around the biggest liar and fascist of them all.

What “we” are up against is a very solid brick wall. Until the Dem candidates speak openly about this - what’s at stake and the how to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles - all the well-intentioned lawsuits and idealistic bantering goes nowhere.

Unfortunately, Newsom is firmly in the idealistic bantering stage, as is every Dem presidential candidate I’ve heard so far. I’m not the smartest person around and I don’t have a solution, but I would hope someone smarter than me has a better idea than this Hail Mary approach of throwing shit against the wall that have not amounted to any gains. Supposedly, there are brilliant minds out there. They have to do better than this.