Fed Survey: The Economy is Mending

zuckerlilly9/09/2009 12:32:53 pm PDT

re: #179 Earth56

Just wishing I guess and its a shame with Lebanon and Beirut which was once the “Paris” of the ME. How is it now ?

Hot, very hot ;-))) without joke: they have rebuild a lot. But it is a shame that all the old houses were destroyed - not only by the civil war, but by speculators. Only one old “villa” is left at the famous “Corniche” and even this villa is nearly demolished. Downtown is nearly completely rebuild and you will find every famous brand of the world their and a lot of restaurants and cafs. Also the district of Hamra is very busy and well of. A lot of tourists are their from Kuwait and other Arab countries.

I met a young business woman their from Ramallah at the Starbucks and she gives a sh*t of all this religious stuff. She only wants to improve her business and her rights as a woman. But I was shocked of the refugee camps in Jordan. Some of them are sh*t holes and islamization is rising. Nearly all the woman are completely veiled. I havent seen this in the other camps in the ME.