Outrageous Outrage of the Day

rwdflynavy5/06/2010 10:58:35 am PDT

re: #202 HoosierHoops

Well hell yea..If the principle felt some trouble makers were wearing any thing including a flag of any country to pick a fight..You went to High School..A principle knows when people want trouble in school…If I was the principle I would encourage all my students to celebrate the holiday..You have 364 other days of the year to fly our flag…show a little class and celebrate with out neighbors..For God’s Sake.. People are hiding behind the Flag for politics..Americans are very proud of our Flag…It was paid for in Blood..
Don’t hide behind it for politics points…

Hoops, first thing you need to know if you want the job…it is spelled Principal (because he is your pal, not your ple) ; )

Second thing, I can’t see Irish Americans seeing a US flag on St. Paddy’s day as an insult to their culture…