Live Video: President Obama Speaks in Bristow, VA

dog philosopher ஐஒஔ௸11/03/2012 11:24:28 pm PDT

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Honestly, in my observations, if the Republicans had been smart politically, they’d continued with Bush’s more inclusive approach and rhetoric on immigration. Instead it’s been replaced with Romney who talks about self-deportation and hires the writer of the controversial Arizona law as his immigration adviser. Latino voters aren’t stupid. They see the GOP’s rhetoric to them and they see the Dems as being more inclusive. You can’t just put out Marco Rubio and say look at us, we’re not bigots see. I thought Rick Perry by and large was an idiot from my observations of him in the primaries but if there’s one thing where he struck me as more smart than Mitt Romney, it was on immigration.

bush tried to get the gop to face the fact that if there are ten million illegal aliens from mexico working here, it’s because there are ten million jobs that employers want to fill at the rates that mexican immigrants are willing to take

illegal immigration is not a problem about border control and breaking the law, it’s a problem about not facing an economic reality that is so compelling that it operates regardless of the outdated immigration policies and laws

the only problem i have with all of the people working here illegally is that that fact leaves them open to economic exploitation