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Alephnaught11/15/2018 4:12:59 am PST

re: #218 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

One of the arguments against Scottish independence was that it would have left Scotland outside the EU with no guarantee of being accepted.

And that there was no overall plan or concept for implementing independence, it was just an expression of intent.

Well, the difference with that referendum was that there was about 2 years of intense debate in Scotland prior to that referendum precisely about how independence would be implemented, and it’s implications, hence the EU issues mentioned you mentioned above. It was a very informed debate at all levels of society, hence the high turnout (84.6%!)

I was expecting the debate to be even more intense for the Brexit referendum. In fact there was virtually no discussion of practical issues, instead it was mostly rhetorical posturing and soundbites at best. And it’s been the same since.