So Today, Trump Edited His Prepared Notes to Make Them More Racist

Anymouse 🌹🏡😷3/19/2020 4:30:04 pm PDT

The State of Nebraska mandated anyone who has travelled anywhere must now quarantine themselves for fourteen days.

All returning travelers, from any international or domestic location, should assume that COVID-19 disease is present at the locations they have visited and traveled through.
All returning travelers, from any international or domestic location, should limit public interactions, practice strict social distancing, self-monitor for symptoms, and self-quarantine for 14 days if feasible.
Returning travelers from regions with widespread sustained transmission (e.g., CDC Level 3 countries - - plus U.S. locales such as Seattle, WA; New York City; and Santa Clara County, CA) should immediately self-quarantine. Regions with widespread sustained transmission should be identified from CDC, state, and local public health websites and from media sources.
IF a returning traveler develops fever or respiratory illness, they need to IMMEDIATELY self-isolate and report to a healthcare provider or local health department.
Individuals unable to observe the 14-day self-quarantine should consult with their local health department about appropriate actions.
Every health care worker who returns from travel should consult with a trained medical professional at their facility (e.g., infection preventionist or physician) and establish a specific infection control protocol (e.g., home quarantine, self-monitoring, PPE while at work) that mitigates patient and co-worker exposures.