The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper Braves a Trump-Loving Boat Parade [VIDEO]

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I never got the bigot vibe from hitchens. Met him a few times in informal settings. He did have an encyclopedic knowledge of dirty limericks.

He was all for killing all Muslims. While he believed all religions were evil, he reserved special criticism for Islam.

Amongst other things, he supported Bush’s war-of-choice in Iraq.

In [a YouTube video], Hitchens calls Islam “the most depraved” of religions.

While he admits that he believes “all religions are wrong in the same way” — that is, privileging “faith over reason” — he did not believe all were “equally bad in the same way all the time.”

In the 1930s, Hitch believed that the Roman Catholic church’s ties to anti-Semitism made it the most dangerous of religions.