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Anymouse 🌹🏡2/13/2020 7:25:28 am PST

re: #218 Joe Bacon 🌹

Oh and you’ll come across the occasional news article about idiots who eat a dozen apricot pits and wind up in the hospital from being poisoned…but it’s all in the name of Jesus!

Our village clerk who died in 2012 fell into that.

She was stricken with colorectal cancer and died at the age of fifty-two. Aggressive chemotherapy is tough on a person, and she was swayed into discontinuing that and going to an “alternative medicine” practitioner in Chicago (read quack) for Vitamin B-17 therapy.

She was a member of the Lutheran Church across the street from my house though: As far as I know they don’t push for alternative medicine or substituting prayer for medicine.

I’d really like to know who looped her into thinking cyanide was a better treatment than standard medical treatment for cancer.