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Dark_Falcon11/03/2012 11:29:14 pm PDT

re: #223 Targetpractice

Think Lidane hit it rather nicely on the head, we live in a nation where the term “illegal immigrant” does not conjure up the image of a white guy whose work visa expired. Do you think the Cuban or Puerto Rican fellow cares that the cops who just hauled his ass in for failure to provide valid proof of citizenship mistook him as a Latino from another part of the world?

No. For that reason its important that all states have Driver’s Licenses and State IDs that can serve as proof of legal residency. Those from Florida already do. If any police refuse to accept valid ID and make an arrest they know to be false, then they and their department should be sued civilly and penalized by the Department of Justice. I’m not one to tolerate simply ignoring the law like that.