Colbert: Roger Stone Is a Very Weird Guy [VIDEO]

Hecuba's daughter1/29/2019 3:07:06 pm PST

re: #223 Patricia Kayden

I wish Republicans and Trump would just say that out loud. Remember what happened when Secretary Clinton suggested that she would retrain coal miners if she won the presidency? Given the backlash, you would have thought she had said that she was going to behead them one by one on Pennsylvania Avenue. Coal is a dying industry and everyone needs to just admit that.

The coal miners are not interested in exploring alternatives that may require book learning. They are especially not interested in hearing suggestions from a woman. They are only interested in preserving the old way of life and not confronting the frightening new world out there.

Of course, part of the problem, despite what Bret Stephens has to say (, it’s possible that thanks to modern technology, there won’t be well-paying jobs available for much of the population.