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Anymouse 🌹🎃4/21/2019 2:31:29 am PDT

re: #224 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

This will be Trump-eted all over as an example of poor persecuted Christians and what can happen when we let liberals into power…

There’s about zero liberal in Sri Lanka’s government.

Sri Lanka is announcing a curfew now on its official radio, to take effect overnight.

The government has arrested one individual in connexion with one attack.

Defence units have been empowered with special powers to investigate and detain anyone suspected of a connexion with attacks on Catholic churches.

And now the cricket report …

Social media is aflame with Sri Lankans commenting on the ongoing issue, mostly condemning the government, police, and intelligence services for not thwarting or uncovering the plot for these attacks.

This is a problem in every country:

a) When the government successfully thwarts attacks and doesn’t report that, they are generally trying to protect sources and methods of intelligence-gathering.

b) When the government promotes the destruction of a potential terrorism attack, people bleat that the government is engaging in “security theatre” or tooting its own horn. (You see that here anytime a police organisation or intelligence service announces thwarting an attack.)

c) When the government fails to prevent an attack, citizens attack the government for failing to protect them.

A government can thwart a hundred attacks. All it takes for terrorism to succeed is one to get through.