Robert Spencer and the Extremists

SanFranciscoZionist9/09/2009 1:33:59 pm PDT

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Me too…

By the way, this is an honest question…

Weren’t the Nazis (spit) and what are now the jihadists on the same side in WW2? What has happened since then?

Thanks for constructive answers.

Some Muslim and nominally Muslim leaders allied with the Nazis, however I think it’s hard to say they were on the ‘same side’, in the sense that they had compatible short-term goals. Please recall, also, that Arab nationalism in the early part of the twentieth century was not a jihadi movement as we now know it.

Meanwhile, in the present day, European neo-Nazis simply see Arabs, Pakistanis, etc. as dark-skinned foreigners to be attacked. They also see Hindus this way, and Christian Africans, and etc.