Preacher Rick Scarborough Rants Against Bart Simpson, Evolution, and Rachel Maddow

Dark_Falcon4/24/2012 8:43:32 pm PDT

re: #220 goddamnedfrank

The difference between Somalia, or much of Afghanistan and America is that here law enforcement is socialized. What you call rule of law is really socialism of the justice system, the fact that the government/state has a monopoly on the system of dispute resolution. The profit motive that produces corruption here is the same as there, the difference being that there it incubates in an idealized laissez fair environment.

I’ve never though of a justice system as ‘socialized’. I’ve always understood Socialism as pertaining to matters outside those in which collective action is a prerequisite of nationhood. It has always been my understanding that some matters cannot by individualized if freedom is to be maintained, and law enforcement is one of these.