Ted Cruz Says Anti-Vaccination Parents Have a "Religious" Right to Put Children at Risk

blueraven2/03/2015 2:55:22 pm PST

Speaking of…

Republican presidential hopefuls were asked if they have ever smoked pot.

It was ‘when he was a teenager,’ Cruz’s spokesperson told Daily Mail Online; ‘It was a mistake, and he’s never tried it since’

Rick Perry, Donald Trump and John Bolton say they have never smoked pot;
Rand Paul hints that he ‘wasn’t a choirboy’ - but won’t answer directly

Marco Rubio refuses to answer, saying no one will believe him if the answer is ‘no’; Carly Fiorina will only say she opposes legalizing weed

Spokesmen for Govs. Scott Walker and Gov. Chris Christie, and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, ignored questions entirely

Bush told the Boston Globe on Friday that he had smoked pot as a teenager at his elite prep school

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