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DangerMan9/11/2018 7:21:07 pm PDT

re: #161 HappyWarrior

I will always remember my fourteen year old/freshman in high school reaction when I got to third grade World History class, “Huh, was the pilot drunk?” I know that sounds silly considering that this was my generation’s Pearl Harbor/JFK Assassination but it was just like “No way someone did that on purpose.” They let us out early that day. I walked home and my mom’s folks were at our house. My Dad’s memory of it is pretty interesting too. He was listening to Howard Stern and thought it was an old re-run from the ‘93 first bombing. A couple years prior and this was my first ever trip to NYC, we stayed at a Marriott- my Dad worked for them at the time that was in the Twin Towers.

When I first saw it I called up my pilot buddy
We thought a small plane. How the hell did….
Then it became clear it was bigger than a private plane
Then the second one hit…