Andy Timmons Shows How It's Done: "On Your Way Sweet Soul"

ObserverArt2/03/2019 10:07:42 am PST

re: #218 BeachDem

Fun story about Ritchie Valens. I was working on a textbook/video project and one of the short stories was “La Bamba” written by Gary Soto. We got contact info for one or Ritchie Valens’ aunts and we asked her if she had any photos or other stuff she could take pics of and send us to use in the video. She sent a gigantic carton of original photos, letters, and all kinds of memorabilia. We shot it and sent it all back, but we were amazed at what a trusting soul she was to send us all that original stuff. I can’t find the video right now, but it was quite an experience.

BeachDem…we don’t see enough of you around.

What is your opinion on Sherrod Brown entering the race. Do you think he will do it?